50W High Output LED Street Lighting IP65 Waterproof Tempered Glass Roadway Lighting – Warm

Colour; Warm, White

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Save electricity bill. Replace 250W HOS (High Pressure Sodium) by 50W LED. Save 60% on electricity bill of lighting.
Maintenance-free. Extremely long life reduces re-lamp frequency. Save lobar cost to replace lamps with short lifespan.
Excellent lens design. Advanced and professional light distribution for street lighting. Great uniformity. High efficiency. Output is 10000lm. Efficiency is up to 100lm/w
Enhanced safety. With a superior optical control, LED road lighting fixtures efficiently generates uniform white light, and will enhanced the safety of street.
Durable housing. Rugged die-cast aluminium, scratch and fade resistant.
Excellent appearance. Tempered Glass. Safe and extremely high light transmittance.
Eco-Friendly. No lead or mercury.
No Hazardous Emissions. No UV or IR Radiation.
Solid State.  Shockproof and vibration proof.
Rated Center Beam Intensity: 2681.2 cd
Lamp Pole Size: Φ 55 – 63 mm (can be ajusted by screws, please use M10 hexy key to loose/tighten the screws), please note that .

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